Reach Out

In a busy business world, where we are connected with a multitude of people, more and more women in particular are craving the sense of belonging that comes from a close-knit group of women who just ‘get you’ and get your work. You’ve got great mates and your family are supportive, but they don’t really understand why you work so hard, why you are away so much, or even really what you actually do?

Strip back your message

With the advent of Twitter and status updates on Facebook, we are being asked to exercise the skill of stripping back our message to the core (to 140 characters or less, in fact). We think that this is a good skill to learn, particularly if you are in a leadership role. Imagine if your manager or CEO came along to your next meeting and was able to clearly explain the vision, strategy and purpose of the organisation in 140 characters (or less), what would that be like? 

What’s below the surface?

Ever wondered why people act in certain ways? In a work context you might have wondered why;

Sally didn’t hand that project in on time, even though she knew how important it was...

Bob got into another heated argument with a contractor even though he has been spoken to in the past about his communication skills....  

Why Tim just can’t seem to put his dirty coffee cups in the washing machine instead of leaving it in the sink....

Well Sally, Bob and Tim all exhibit behaviour because of antecedents that occur first. Let me explain a little further.

It's Game ON.....

Designing work to make clever happen - if we can reach 200 attendees for the next Think Tank - a FREE event for savvy Gold Coast business people we will give away all attendees a gift! Join Darren Hill and myself along with Dr Jason Fox for this exciting professional development afternoon, hosted by Bond University.