Strip back your message

With the advent of Twitter and status updates on Facebook, we are being asked to exercise the skill of stripping back our message to the core (to 140 characters or less, in fact). We think that this is a good skill to learn, particularly if you are in a leadership role. Imagine if your manager or CEO came along to your next meeting and was able to clearly explain the vision, strategy and purpose of the organisation in 140 characters (or less), what would that be like? 

The Future is Flexible

Have you noticed that the world of work is changing, and it’s changing fast?

And yet some of our ideas about how we work, when we work, and where we work remain outdated and are dragging the chain of change badly. 

For many years we have connected the idea of flexible work with women balancing families, but this is no longer the case. Many men are seeking far greater work-life fit, elderly workers are seeking to graduate a transition into retirements, and there are more and more individuals seeking flexibility to allow them to pursue other aspects of their lives. And if someone offered you more flexibility and autonomy in how you worked tomorrow I have a feeling it’s an offer you’d take up!