Reach Out

How to create the close-knit business connections you crave

In a busy business world, where we are connected with a multitude of people, more and more women in particular are craving the sense of belonging that comes from a close-knit group of women who just ‘get you’ and get your work. You’ve got great mates and your family are supportive, but they don’t really understand why you work so hard, why you are away so much, or even really what you actually do?
Business and leadership are lonely places. The buck stops with you on the hard decisions, and key choices. We want a place that is more than just swapping business cards and practicing our latest sales pitch. We crave a safe place to come together with other like-minded women to challenge each other, learn, grow, support, and be supported.
Magic happens when women come together in this way. We crave it. And then we sit back and wait for it to appear.
Here’s the thing. No one can create the ideal community that you need except for you.
It’s time for you to get over yourself and reach out to others to create the community you crave.
5 tips on how to reach out and create your community: 

  1. Be clear on what you want from this community. Do you want a place to stretch your thinking, do you want to learn something new, or someone just to share a bottle of bubbly with (hint - you might want all three).
  2. Ask. The reality is that there are women out there wanting the same as you. Be bold enough to send the invite first.
  3. Come together with generosity and gratitude. What can you give and share with others that would be of value for them? If everyone does that magic happens.
  4. Be vulnerable enough to share what scares you, and what you need help with.
  5. Stop waiting for the invite. You have permission to reach out and create the tribe that you want to be a part of, the one that will help you drive your goals for where you are at right now.

The perfect community for you.
Ali x