Emma Isaacs

Today’s episode is with a return guest to the Stand Out Life series, our first actually. Emma Isaacs was featured in Ep 2 and is the second most listened to episode of the entire series. 

So, when I heard Em had published her first book ‘Winging It’ I knew it was time for another chat.

Emma is the founder and global CEO of Business Chicks, Australia’s largest community for women. 

Over the past thirteen years, Emma has transformed Business Chicks from the ground up, growing it from a group of 250 members to what it is today – a global enterprise that operates in two continents, 11 cities and produces more than 100 events annually, with past speakers including Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Dr Brené Brown, Arianna Huffington, Sir Bob Geldof and Jamie Oliver. 

Born and raised in Sydney, Emma now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and five young children. Her book, has hit bookshelves in Australia last week, is called ‘Winging It: Stop thinking, start doing. Why action beats planning every time’. This book is captivating and in our conversation we dive into some of Em’s lesson’s about business, mindset, and why we need to stop taking it all so seriously. 

Wherever you’re tuning in, life will be different from taking the time to hear from Emma Isaacs.  

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