Ali is a sought after keynote speaker as her style is engaging, authentic and practical. She is a regular on Channel 9 MORNINGS and you can view her segments here. The strategies she provides ultimately will be the catalyst for your audience to get into action. 

Because here's the thing; the success of your conference or event is judged on what people do when they go back to their desks. 

Fact: Conferences are about connecting the dots for people from where they are to where they want to be

So why not use a Psychologist to help your attendees make those connections?  It just makes sense.

Ali's keynote topics below:


Change is the new constant, and it is relentless in our workplaces. We no longer talk about 5 year plans because we don’t know what the lay of the land is going to be in 5 months time. 

Waiting until we no longer feel so overloaded is unrealistic. Those individuals and teams who are driving and thriving in a change environment are those who are able to commit to a process and execute on the essential things that need to be delivered. 

In this keynote presentation Alison explores strategies for working through uncertainty and the feeling of being overloaded. 
This presentations explores the following: 

  • THE MISSING LINK: The one thing that determines whether individuals and teams thrive or dissolve in change.
  • 4 SABOTAGES OF PROGRESS: The traps we all fall into that halt progress and productivity, and how to overcome them.
  • STEPS TO REFOCUS: Stop feeling overloaded and get back on track any time, in any circumstance. 
  • THE 2 MINDSETS THAT MATTER:  Thriving through change requires both of these, to accept (what it) and drive (what could be). 

Dealing with the tough stuff - How to achieve results from the key conversations.

Recent research shows feedback discussions are the least enjoyed management task second only to firing someone. (source: Gallup) So how have we got to this point? How has having a direct, real and necessary conversation with staff, clients or suppliers become so hard?  In a nutshell, we have been shown processes without considering the human element in the discussion.
In this presentation you will learn the science of human behaviour, non-verbals and advanced communication techniques designed to:
    •    de-personalise tough feedback
    •    uncover some root causes of difficult behaviour
    •    help you get clear with your requests

Dealing With the Tough Stuff can show you how to not only survive the tough conversations, but to thrive within them, leading to;
    •    more productive performance discussions and
    •    substantially less conflict