Stand Out: A real world guide to get clear, find purpose and become the boss of busy

Being busy has become a badge of honour – albeit a heavy, awkward, uncomfortable badge that doesn’t go with anything in your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be like this, you can bring calm to the chaos.

Whether you find yourself checked out, burnt out, or just plain freaked out, I’m here to tell you this: you deserve better. Using psychology, this book takes you deep into the key pillars for our happiness, health and sanity to help you live a life filled with purpose and progress; a Stand Out life.

But be fairly warned. Your journey won’t be without challenge —you will be digging in, and so you should, because the stakes are crazy-high; I mean, this is big. Imagine a life to truly brag about, where those things that matter get done. Go on, close your eyes and imagine it for a second. Bliss, right? A bit scary too? Good. You’re in the right place.

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DWTS book
Dealing with the Tough Stuff Book

Revised and Updated Second Edition with new chapters, new case studies and new research

What is the book about?

  • Have you ever put off having a feedback conversation with a staff member because it seemed too hard?

  • Have you ever lost sleep over a workplace conversation that didn't go well?

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to handle sensitive situations more effectively?

Managing staff performance and building a positive feedback culture are essential elements for any successful leadership role. The litmus test for your leadership is not how you lead when times are good, its how you lead when times are tough. Dealing with the Tough Stuff will enable you to have more productive discussions in the workplace - and less conflict.  

With two new chapters 

  • Dealing with remote teams

  • Dealing with rapid change

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50 Epic Questions Pack

* What do you want to be famous for? 
* Who are you ignoring? 
* Is perfect important? 

These are a few of the 50 questions in this beautifully designed pack of cards. They are aimed to get you thinking differently and seeing a new possibility for where you want to head. These 50 epic questions for an awesome life were thought of with you in mind.  


Who is Alison Hill?

As a professional ‘head-mechanic’ (Psychologist) Ali has worked with 'em all. She is co-author of the top business book 'Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations', has regular articles published with Business Chicks, and is highly sought after to assist individuals and teams transition through the tough stuff. 

Her work has found its way inside a few big businesses you might have heard of… PepsiCo, Sydney Water, BHP Billiton, Bond University, Griffith University, and BlueCare just to name a few.

Ali presents her unique and authentic message as a sought after keynote speaker, where she engages her audience with humour, practicality and real-world thinking.   

In her spare time she turns her hand to cooking and knitting, neither of these very successfully. So Ali decided to keep focusing on what she does best - supporting people through the tough conversations and transitions at work. It does mean there will be no home-baked goods or a knitting corner in any program she delivers…sorry if this is a deal-breaker.  

Alison is one of the founders and Directors of Behaviour and Motivation Strategy company Pragmatic Thinking