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Whether its back in the Editor of Cosmos days, as a host on the first series of MasterChef, the face behind the international I Quit Sugar movement, whose 8-week program has been completed by 1.5 million people, through the pages of any one of her international best-selling cookbooks, or in the poetic words of her book about anxiety titled, First, We Make The Beast Beautiful’, which was a New York Times best-seller - it’s likely somewhere across her career you’ve come across Sarah Wilson

She’s a focused self-confessed perfectionist who oozes curiosity. And it’s this deep curiousity about life, people, and living in the shit that Sarah and I connected over. 

Sarah walks her talk encouraging others to live with less through messages about minimalism and anti-consumerism, in fact her latest book just realised ’Simplicious Flow’ is a call to zero waste cooking.  We explore a bunch of topics including her experience with anxiety.  Sarah shares that writing First we make the beast beautiful was the process in her accepting her anxiety and was a form of therapy. 

This is also one of the first times Sarah shares the decision behind closing her I Quit Sugar business which she did in February this year, 2018, with the proceeds to go into her philanthropic trust. In a world of hustle and growth Sarah’s reason to go down this path is fascinating. 

Lean in, ask the questions, and get ready to be curious about life as you listen to this conversation with the ever thoughtful Sarah Wilson. 

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Facebook: @sarah8wilson

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