Pip Edwards


Pip Edwards has made her mark utilising her own name sake initials and retro-tomboy style to launch P.E Nation. With an impressive history in Fashion, and a Bachelor of Commerce/Law Pip had the platform set to create something unique. Her longstanding fashion career has seen her work with brands such as Ksubi, DLM, Sass & Bide and General Pants Co. 

It was whilst working at Sass and Bide that Pip’s creative working relationship and friendship with P.E cofounder Claire was cemented. Learning the ropes of the retail landscape whilst working as Design Director at General Pains co, gave Pip the platform for what was to come next.

In this episode we talk about personal growth and pilates reconnected her to a feminine energy that she had ignored for many years. Pip is on a personal journey of self and you’ll hear the strength of her purpose behind everything she does - her son Justice. She is also passionately believes that P.E Nation is a platform to life women up and encourage them to boldly chase whatever they want to chase. Pip is the embodiment of this brand.

Enjoy the hearing the story and true essence of Pip Edwards. 

Connect with Pip:

Website: pe-nation.com/about

Instagram: @pip_edwards

P.E Nation Instagram: @p.e.nation

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