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Maz Compton was the first ever guest that I had for Stand Out Life series - we chatted in Episode 1 nearly two years ago and that episode is still one of the most tuned into episodes of the entire series. So when she published a book I knew that I absolutely had to get her back into studio. 

Her book is called The Social Rebellion and it’s candid, personal and real with Maz sharing her experience of giving up alcohol, over 3 1/2 years ago. But her message is more than just putting down the beer or the bubbles - it’s a story about reconnecting with who she is and healing the wounds of the past. 

Describing herself as a social rebel, this hasn’t been an easy journey - because when you think about it when you give up the thing that numbs you from facing the hard things, you’ve got nothing left but the face the hard things.

To get real with emotions, to do the work on yourself, to face the truth. Maybe this is a relationship that you might be ready to shift too. 

Wherever you are tuning in, this conversation is well worth your time. Find out what’s driving the amazing Maz Compton. 

Connect with Maz:


Instagram: @thesocialrebellion

Facebook: @MrsMazCompton

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