Martine Harte

Award winning journalist, Mum to three school aged kids, and passionate activist for women and girl’s rights, today’s guest is a force to be reckoned with. 

Martine Harte has had her work featured on some big networks including CNN, BBC, ABC, The Age, News Limited and is a regular commentator on Sky News Australia. She is also the Director of a platform for social good Engaging Women

She’s on a mission to challenge thinking about feminism and the role men can play in the conversation.

In this episode she’ll share publicly how disempowering run-ins with high-profile men during her time as a television reporter sharpened her resolve to spark change.  Some of what Martine shares is confronting and important to share particularly in line with the #metoo movement. 

What we know is that when we own and share our stories shame dissolves. This is part of Martine’s story and if it brings up any questions or stories up for you know that you can reach out to the NOW Australia organisation.  

In this conversation Martine also challenges us to bench the idea that time is running out to achieve our dreams or life purpose, and is a voice you’ll be keen to keep following. Soak up the wisdom and warmth of Martine Harte. 

Connect with Martine here: 

Instagram: engagingwomen

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