Liza-Jayne (LJ) Loch

Liza-Jayne (LJ) has almost three decades of experience helping organisations, causes, and individuals successfully grow their profiles and accentuate their positive. She has worked at the highest levels of media, government and business as a journalist and trusted adviser. It was her closer friendship with fellow Journalist Tracy Spicer that also set her on the path with NOW Australia and Outspoken Women

After Tracy shared a tweet in October of 2017 and received an overwhelming response in light of the #metoo movement it was a realisation that it was time to add to this conversation. NOW has been founded by a diverse group of women with extensive experience across research, education and advocacy. Their work is focused on making workplaces safe for everyone. 

LJ shares her personal drive to make the most of her life and how to look at and navigate the inevitability of mistakes. One of the things I loved about this conversation was how real and honest LJ was in sharing the imposter syndrome that she still feels at times that prompted her year of yes. She also encourages people to just find something that starts a spark in you - whatever that thing is. 

It is my hope that this conversation will spark something in you. 

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