Hetty Johnston


There are moments in our lives that when we step into them nothing in our world is ever the same again.  Hetty Johnston is a house-hold name in Australia because she was confronted with one of these moments after her daughter shared with her something no parents ever wants to hear. 

Hetty is a woman of passion and determination and in 1997 she established Bravehearts Foundation - Australia’s leading child protection advocate. 

In 2016 Hetty was acknowledged for her work in the community through an Order of Australia Medal, something she is incredibly proud of. 

In this conversation Hetty shares how the experience of falling pregnant at the age of 16 and adopting out her first daughter unlocked in her the awareness of what it’s like to lose a child. She also shares how she’s approaching her 60th birthday and the reflections of what she has achieved and what can sound like the overwhelming mountain of the work that still needs to be done in the area of child protection. 

This conversation goes into child sexual assault and there are parts that are confronting. There is always support for a topic as heavy and important as this and I’d encourage you to reach to the Bravehearts website - www.bravehearts.org.au. Their counselling SUPPORT SERVICE is 1800 272 831.  

Within this conversation you’ll hear Hetty’s tenacity and determination. Hetty has pledged to never stop pursuing her vision for Australia to become the safest place in the world to raise a child. With a proven record of doing what she says she’s going to do I have a feeling she might make this a reality. I’m sure some of this tenacity will rub off on you as you listen to Hetty Johnston. 

Connect with Hetty:

Website: bravehearts.org.au

Instagram: @hetty_johnston

Facebook: @braveheartsprotectkids

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