So you've read some stuff and you wanna know what this program is all about.

Our aim at GYST HQ is to educate you how to stop reacting and start creating. Not through hocus-pocus or the power of positive thinking. Nuh-uh. It's a science-based approach.

These strategies will be available in an online program that will commence in February, 2015. Mebbe you're sitting there going - 'how can I be at the front of the queue when this kicks into gear?'.

Well here's how. Put your name and email address in below and we'll be in touch with you as soon as the engine is up and running. 

Get Your Shit Together is an online program where you'll learn: 

* why we sabotage our own efforts to get stuff done

* the science behind what motivates us into action (and why sometimes we don't act even though we know we should)

* the mindsets that matter to get shit done

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