Ever got to the end of a year and gone ‘where the heck did that year go?’

Is your calendar fuller than a pensioners all-you-can-eat buffet on cheap Tuesdays?

Are you often sacrificing sleep – or perhaps even a little somethin-somethin’ between the sheets – ‘cos you’re working late at night?

Triple ouch!

Sure, they’re a few questions that might sound a bit like you. But that was just a a warmup. Mebbe just a little downward dog or child’s pose before we really get cracking. You ready for some real doozies? Be warned though, these might sting a bit. 

  • Your health is not where you want it to be because most of the huffing and puffing you do is running from one meeting to another at work
  • You drink so much coffee – to make it through each day – that you’re seriously worried you’ll set off the drug scanner at the airport 
  • Your best ‘worst skill’ is mentally beating the shit out of yourself because you don’t spend enough time with the kidlets or your favourite manfriend, ladyfriend or ladymanfriend...

Did that hit you right between the eyes? 

Sound ridiculously like you — ‘cept maybe the ladymanfriend bit? Great.

So it’s time to Get Your Shit Together (#GYST) isn’t it?

You have a choice. It – the chaos and reactiveness – doesn’t have to be this way. There can be double rainbows and sunshine each day. 

But it's not a frikkin' secret!

Y’see a very smart person once said ‘if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with a little rain’. That famous philosopher? Dolly Parton. Glad she got it off her chest. But I digress.

Truth is, Dolly had it right. Because beneath the blonde hair, southern accent and a bloody huge set of boobs, is the brain of a scientist. That whole rainbow in the sky thingo isn’t made by rainbow fairies. Rain and refracted sunlight produce rainbows. It’s not pixie magic people. It’s science. 

And if your day looks like a god-awful shitstorm at the moment – nary a rainbow to be seen – it’s gonna be science that gets you out of it, not thinking happy thoughts.

We're suckers for a scam

In years gone past it was fools gold. Then it was magic elixir and snake oil. Then came pyramid schemes and more recently holiday units in triple-your-property-prices village. Scams. Every. Single. One.

But the biggest scam of all? It’s a cracker. It’s this; 

‘if you believe you will achieve’ 

You just need to manifest your destiny, then it’ll happen. If you think about it long or hard enough, it will materialise in front of your eyes. What a load of rubbish. The ‘secret’ my arse. It’s all crap designed to give people hope. And whilst hope is a very cool thing, hope without effort and a plan is shown to be pretty damn lousy for our mental health.

To give people a sense that their world will be better – a very strong sense – then leave them with their current behaviours that got them into the stinkhole they’re currently in...well, it’s  just emotional manipulation run amok. It’s shit, and I want to help.

Here’s the deal. I’m not going to promise you a magic vision of a better world, then leave you floundering. I’m going to encourage you to GYST and then #getcracking

There’ll be work required, but the best thing it is meaningful, productive work. It’s work that matters and the results are soooo worth it.

So if you wanna change your world for the better, there’s a much better 7 letter word starting with S than Secrets. It’s called Science people. Yep. That same stuff you used to do at school but were too interested in seeing if Mr Thompson would blow stuff up or get out the hydrochloric acid and melt whatever shit was left.  

Science. We’re going to show you how to GYST without the fluff and guff.

If your existence is just to survive the day and collapse into the cot, only to wake early and do the grind again, then GYST will be like a lighthouse to a sailor; a 7 year old to minecraft, like a Kardashian to a nude photo shoot.

The program

We’ve pulled the best of behavioural science, psychology and motivation science together to help you sort your day, week and year ahead. There’ll be zero of the following crap:

  • No seven steps to success
  • Definitely no seven secret steps to success (I mean, do people really fall for that shit?)
  • No references to the power of positive thinking
  • Not even a shopping list for the latest pretty stationery products - much as they look lovely, they’ll do SFA to help you GYST.

But I do promise you this:

  • Practical exercises to help you prioritise your shit
  • Strategies to help you get out of your own dumbarse way – hey no judgement, we all do it.
  • Finding your most productive times in your week to get into flow
  • Funny dog videos, pictures of business cat and hamsters playing violins (when you’ve got your shit together you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy these suckers)

There’ll be work, but it’ll work. 

In moving though this self-paced online program we will cover the following eight topic areas.

Paradox - how unlimited choice has debilitated rather than liberated

Detox - learning to say no and cutting the crap

Jukebox - setting up a playlist of productivity

Inbox - lassoing the email kraken

Matchbox - matching strengths and lighting fires under them

Outfox - learning to mitigate, delegate or eliminate your weaknesses

Toolbox - 10 handy hints for massive productivity

Soapbox - declaring intent and building accountability partners

Is it right for me?

Now you might still be sitting there thinking to yo'self 'I'm flat-chat already. I really don't need something else on my plate...'

And it's natural to think that way. But you've also got to ask yourself some of these questions;

  • if I had my shit together could I relax more?
  • would I be more productive at work if I could? #gmst (get my shit together)
  • all them bills i forget to pay, the kids lunches I forget to make, and the forgetting to fill the car up with petrol*

*maybe this isn't a #gyst thing, even when I have it all together I just hate it.

Could all this become easier? You betcha it can. And it all starts with one thing. You. Bam.

So stop dilly-dallying and check out the program by clicking the links. You'll be glad you did.