Giaan Rooney

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Todays guest has experienced some extraordinary levels of success throughout her life. As a teenager Giaan Rooney was faced with the choice of diving (pun intended) into a swimming career or pursuing a career in netball. She choose swimming and went on to compete on the world stage, winning an Olympic Gold Medal and breaking a world record amongst other achievements.

In this conversation we talk about Giaan’s transition from elite sports into her next career as a TV presenter and media personality. 

Whilst she has many accolades Giaan shares the raw and honest experience of feeling like she was failing at parenthood after the birth of her son Zander, and the way she is navigating this role as a Mum with both her kids. 

She also talks about how she believes that insecurities are the root of all evil. This was such a call to me that all of us have things that we are insecure about, and holding onto these leads no-where good. 

We could have chatted for hours, because there is a depth of wisdom and interest in things that I’m sure you’ll love too as you hear from Giaan Rooney. 

Connect with Giaan:

Instagram: @giaan.rooney

Facebook: @GiaanRooney

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