Dianne McGrath

Occasionally there are stories and expeditions that capture your attention more than others. Today’s guest is embarking on an expedition that is out of this world - quite literally. 

Dianne McGrath is one of only 100 remaining candidates worldwide from an initial 202,586 applicants for the one-way Mars One mission in 2031. 

We talk at length about this decision and the extraordinary impacts this journey has on how she lives her life right now. For example Dianne lives permanently house-sitting, experiments with her food intake, and embarks on regular bio-hacking experiments.

What we uncover though is that Dianne’s innate curiosity has been with her for her whole life. She is a leading sustainability expert in environmental management, food sustainability, and food security. One of her experiments involved living off the scraps that people leave at cafes and restaurants for a whole week - turns out she never, ever went hungry. 

Dianne’s openness and her curiosity are insatiable. Given her own bio-hacking experiments have lead her to reverse vision impairment, improve bone mass, turn back the ageing process, increased cognitive function, and much more she may yet discover the key to eternal youth. 

These insights that are as relevant for the rest of staying here on planet earth as the pioneers who may one day leave to live on Mars. Soak up the vivacious energy and curiosity of Dianne McGrath

Connect with Dianne at:

Website: www.diannemcgrath.com.au

Facebook: @Dianne.McGrath.Astronaut.Candidate

Instagram: @damcgrath

LinkedIn: @diannemcgrath

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