Commissioner Katarina Carroll

From growing up on a tobacco plantation to becoming the Commissioner of QLD Fire and Emergency Services Katarina Carroll knows what hard work and resilience is. After starting a social work degree, Katarina joined the police force and found herself moving up through the ranks to become the Assistant Commissioner with the QLD Police Service, before moving to the role of Commissioner with the Firies. 

Katarina is someone who shares openly about the role of leadership and the importance of creating a path for women to move into senior leadership roles. We unpack transformational change, why the cornerstone of workplace engagement is truly knowing your people, and that having doubts and fears is actually not a bad thing - in fact it can be the thing that helps you drop your ego and ask for help. 

Commissioner Carroll has been recognised as the national Telstra Business Women’s Award for Government and Academia and on the Westpac ‘100 Women of Influence’ list. We chatted about the importance of pausing and recognising the work you are doing, whilst still getting excited about what’s next. 

If you are in a leadership role, or aspiring to be in one then you won’t want to miss this insightful conversation with Commissioner Katarina Carroll. 

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