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Dealing with the Tough Stuff - BRISBANE

  • TBC Brisbane Australia (map)

Are you having the tough conversations you need to?

Recent research shows feedback discussions are the least enjoyed management task second only to firing someone. (source: Gallup) So how have we got to this point? How has having a direct, real and necessary conversation with staff, clients or suppliers become so hard? In a nutshell, we have been shown processes without considering the human element in the discussion.

In this one-day learning program you will learn the science of human behaviour, non-verbals and advanced communication techniques designed to:

  • de-personalise tough feedback

  • uncover some root causes of difficult behaviour

  • craft behaviour modi!cation strategies

  • avoid the language that causes conflict

  • help you get clear with your requests

  • show you the best way to be assertive in any situation

    Dealing With the Tough Stuff can show you how to not only survive the tough conversations, but to thrive within them, leading to;

  • more productive performance discussions and

  • substantially less conflict