Technology is not the enemy

With a bulging inbox and a device or two permanently plastered into our hands it can be easy to point the blame at technology. 

The reality is that technology is simply a tool. 

In fact it is a phenomenal connection tool. We have an ability to build relationships quicker, more frequently, more often, and with a wider network because of this technology. 

Having said that we need to be using them right to be getting the full benefits. 

Our ability to use technology to build stronger connections really ramps up with we start with a ‘live experience'; which is just a weird way of saying ‘hanging out with someone’.

Chemically, we get a hit of serotonin from sharing a laugh or deep conversation with someone, we get a flood of oxytocin through physical touch (hand-shake, hug, high-five). Both chemicals make us feel awesome as they embed memories of connection and belonging. In fact, according to Darren’s recent BRW article oxytocin is the wonder-drug that organisations of the future can’t ignore. 

Then when we connect with that person via technology after being bathed in some lovely, feel-good, chemicals our memories remind us of our jovial time and we get another hit. Double wham

The key though is to see this technology as a tool to deeper connection between face-to-face experiences and high-fives. When we find ourselves scrolling endlessly in the hope of that connection and all we can find is angry birds and ‘What 80’s song are you?’ results then it’s time to put the technology down and invest in the human being next to you.

Connection requires you to reach out and be unapologetically, authentically you; and it rocks when you start with doing that offline first.