What do running and playing the piano have in common?

It seems pretty simple logic. 

If you want to get better at running then the best remedy is to get out and run. 

If you want to improve your ability to speak from stage, then speak from stage more often. 

If you want to get better at having the tough conversations at work*, then.....well I guess you’re starting to see the trend. 

Whatever it is that you are seeking to improve one of the ways of getting better is to actively engage in that activity more than you currently are. It’s a time-honoured truth, that effort will get you rewards. 

It’s not the only way though. 

Because if you want to reach expertise level more quickly then you will need more than just time in the trenches. The faster track to expertise requires technique, which comes from studying the skill and honing your approach. 

So yes, get active. It’s the most important step. But don’t forget to take a step back.

Use what you’ve learned through practical application and hone the skill through the following;


* application of technique,

* awareness through education, or

* modeling through observation.


We’d never just put our kids in front of a piano day in and day out without any guidance on how to tinkle the ivories in a way that doesn’t make our ears bleed**. As leaders it’s our role to give people opportunities to change their running style, speak from stage with an enhanced skill set and have the tough conversations they need to have, by you demonstrating it better than anyone. 

Get active, then hone the skill.




* Actually we've got the perfect program for you to improve this skill. 'Dealing with the Tough Stuff' program is on in Brisbane on 25th Sept. Register you and your three best friends here - you won’t regret it. 

** Unless of course you want to get rid of those visitors that just never leave - and then this technique works an absolute treat!