What opportunities are you missing?


Have you noticed that part-time and flexible work arrangements are increasing? 

Does managing this increase feel like a burden?

Are you looking for ways to take the head-ache out of managing these transitions?

With an aging population, skills shortage, and a greater number of woman in the workforce there is a major opportunity for forward-thinking organisations to attract quality professional talent through offering flexibility at work. 

The challenge is finding ways to do this that actually works towards improving, not reducing the bottom line. So how can you provide flexibility AND improve business? 

One of the key areas that flexible work arrangements become apparent is through the process of maternity transitions. Having a valued employee go off on leave can feel like a head-ache because of the gap that is created. Who is going to fill this gap and how much work is going to be involved in managing this process? and How are we going to ensure we retain skills and knowledge within the organisation?

In order to maximise this process organisations need to captialise on the window of opportunity that is available before a woman goes off on leave and develop strategies to reduce the gap across the four key areas of concern. 

Here are some key areas to focus on:  

  1. Capacity - utilise the period prior to leave to streamline processes, explore job redesign, outsource options, identify systems and processes of the role. 
  2. Commitment - this is straightforward. Individuals who feel valued, supported and understood by their manager show greater commitment to their role. The same is even more evident through maternity transitions. Strengthen the critical relationship between an employee and their manager. 
  3. Connections - Every business is built on relationships and connections. Recognise the importance of early and regular discussion about the changes, personal handover and introductions and reassurance that the level of service, care and support will be consistent. Nurturing these relationships is key.
  4. Capability - Capturing what someone knows, how they approach their work, what they do and how they do it is the starting point of capturing corporate IP. 

Disruption creates innovation and there is a great opportunity through the maternity transition process of actually finding ‘better’ solutions and actually improving business. 

Rather than see the burden, seek to find the opportunity. If you do I know you’ll be rewarded.

Think differently,