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With a career inspired by watching ‘Bewitched’ at the age of 6, Bec Brideson’s interest in the world of advertising started young - they may not sound related but Bec was interested in Samantha’s husband’s career which was in advertising. 

Wanting to challenge the status quo as well as do work that is equal parts creative and analytical - working in advertising was a no-brainer for Bec. But it hasn’t always been easy. As a young female in the industry that has ‘Mad Men’ as it’s history didn’t come without challenges. Challenges that gave her the drive and ambition to prove them wrong. At 29 Bec became the youngest female Creative Director in Australia’s ad-land, after writing her own marketing plan for her career. 

In this episode we unpack the world of advertising, and Bec’s passion, the way businesses and brands need to understand the female buyer. An industry that I feel guarded about because in the past they have played to women’s insecurities - of not pretty enough, not good enough, not organised enough - Bec believes now is the time for both genders to dial up the curiousity about who we really are. 

Finally we also chat about how to navigate ambition and self-care - something that Bec has now learnt the importance of. 

In this episode I am mindful that we talk about the #metoo movement and the importance of women’s agenda’s being spoken about in the public platform. If this brings up frustrations or angst as you tune in make sure you reach out to the communities around you that are taking these issues forward - in Australia NOW Australia is at the forefront of this work, and I encourage you to find out more about their work. 

Smart, thoughtful, and determined - enjoy this chat with Bec Brideson. 

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