Andy Gourley


Andy is a pastoral, skate-boarding, accountant. I did ask him the obvious question - why accounting? Which you’ll hear the answer to in our conversation. 

Andy lives his life with the philosophy that it’s our responsibility to help others. When we do that we end up being gifted with some much ourselves. It’s this philosophy that has guided his work for the past 21 years. Andy is the founder and CEO of Red Frogs Australia, a program supporting young people. 

Redfrogs mission is to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather, educate young people on safe partying behaviours, and with their random acts of pancakes give them something else to do. 

Their branding came about my accident when he found that having a bowl of red-frogs became the gate-way to connecting with youth at risk. RedFrogs is now the largest support network in Australia for Schoolies, Festivals and Universities students, and they have gone international with their work. 

We chatted about Andy’s drive in the work that he does, how we manages his energy after 21 years at the cold face and why the value of sitting and connecting can be life-changing. 

Be ready for something to spark a change in you as you hear from Andy Gourley. 

Connect with Andy & Red Frog:

Website: & About Andy

Instagram: @andygourley

Facebook: @redfrogsau

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