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My 2018 Inspiration Hit-List

Inspiration is a personal thing. It requires paying attention to where your curiousity goes, what are the people, places, things that make you pause, look twice, explore a little deeper. It does require you to put yourself in the way of inspiration though; rather than waiting for it to come to you. Explore different paths, follow different people, attend different events; become a seeker of questions, thirsty for ideas.

These ideas can come anywhere so you've got to vigilant in your seeking. 

Below are my hit-list so far for 2018 inspiration - feel free to have a squizz and then make sure that your list inspires you


Where can you put yourself in the way of inspiration in 2018? 

  • Take my good camera out more often 
  • By watching more sunsets 
  • Watching TED Talks - at least 2 per month 
  • Interviewing incredible people
  • Spend quality time with close family and friends (including my 97 year old Grandma)

What books are on my list for 2018? 

What podcasts do you want to tune into more? 

  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations
  • The Tim Ferris Show 
  • Chat 10, Looks 3
  • Conversations with Richard Fidler

What speakers would you love to see (and maybe meet)?

  • Leigh Sales
  • Alisa Camplin 
  • Alanis Morrisette (random I know but her latest path is pretty interesting) 

What conferences/events could you attend? 

  • Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event 
  • South by South West 
  • International Womens' Day event with Hands Across the Water in Sydney 
  • Business Chicks conference in Fiji (okay any conference in Fiji!)


Connect and let me know what's on your list.